Rumor Has It, Adele is Making Waves in the Music Scene

I am obsessed with Adele. Two months ago I was obsessed with Bjork‘s music. Now its Adele’s turn.

I already had Adele’s discography file a year ago, inside one of my hard drives. But for some reason, I did not listen to her album immediately (I think I was obsessively listening to other albums at that time, and I forget who it was.. Details..details)

Then I watched an episode from Glee where substitute teacher, Holly Holiday sang one of her hits ” Turning Tables” and I really liked the lyrics. So I began to search for her other songs. I came up with two of her most popular hits, which I liked very much: Rolling in the Deep and Rumor Has It.

Adele reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Of course, they share the same genre of music. However, while Amy Winehouse is keeping tabloid reporters busy, Adele was rocking the music world with her voice and music.

Here are the two of my favorite songs from Adele. Hope you enjoy it.

Rolling in the deep

Rumor Has It


~ by confessionsofbricknmortar on May 21, 2011.

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