Fan Fiction

I’m suddenly obsessed with fan fiction. After writing a couple of fan fiction recently (note: see my two entries below >.<) I found out I enjoyed creating other what-ifs scenarios of my favorite shoujo mangas and even novels.

Take for instance a couple of fan fiction I've done for two unforgettable characters of Ouran High School Host Club.

I was working this morning, actually I was distracted from work, still thinking about Kyouya-senpai, and trying to cook up other happy ending scenarios for him involving Haruhi. Don't get me wrong, I do like the real ending that the mangaka, Bisco Hatori had created. I like Tamaki Suoh, except sometimes, when I start to reread all the volumes, he's really dense and idiotic. His reactions are sometimes too predictable for me.

On the other hand, I like Kyouya. He's always so cool and collective that it would probably be hard to imagine what he would look like if he's flustered with romantic situations, ne?

So, fan fiction.

I have just realized that I've been writing fan fiction for as long as when I started scribbling my short stories on my old recycled notebooks. Duh! How could I have not realized it?!

Now I won't lament the fact that I still need more stories regarding my favorite Host Club. I can just create different situations for my own reading pleasure! ^^

And one of my personal fantasy is to create a good short story where my favorite cross-dresser (Haruhi, of course!) takes the reverse-harem to the extreme! How does sleeping together with 6 hot guys sound? (Imagines Haruhi in a nightdress snuggling close with all her fellow Host club members and sleeping together in Tamaki's king size bed) *nosebleed @.@*

I will keep you posted with my other new entries for fan fiction! 😀 (As long as I do not pass out from my moe! moe! moments)


~ by confessionsofbricknmortar on May 18, 2011.

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