Ouran Highschool Host Club Graduates: Kaoru Hitachiin

The following is my own fan fiction on one of the main characters of Ouran High School Host Club. In celebration of the ending of the volume series, I have decided to pursue a short story about Kaoru Hitachiin, and a possible good ending for a twin who had sacrificed a lot for his beloved brother.

“Hikaru…are you happy?” He asked at the other end of the line.

There was silence on the other line of the phone, he could almost hear his beloved twin brother taking a deep breath.

” Yes.. It’s been so long, but finally, I can honestly say that I am happy” he said.

Our love for Haruhi Fujioka is a real dilemma. But I love Hikaru more, so I gave him the chance to pursue her.


Haruhi, the first person who had broke down the barrier they had put up to protect themselves from the outside world. The bond between twins is complex. They are born looking the same, but having a different personality from one another. They had desperately wanted to fit in despite struggling with their individuality. And Haruhi was the only person who had paved the way for them. It was only natural they they both fell in love with her.

Haruhi. who wouldn't fall for her? She is smart, kind, a bit dense, but too cute for her own good.

Kaoru can almost see him smiling after saying it. He was glad. It’s been years before Hikaru finally recovered from his heartache over Haruhi Fujioka, who is now happily married to their close friend and sempai, Tamaki Suoh. They are expecting their second child next spring, and he is planning to go home in Tokyo to see them along with his other former host club members: Kyouya Ootori, Takashi Morinozuka and Mitsukuni Haninozuka. Of course, Hikaru assured him that he would join them too, and he would introduce his future wife to them.

He missed the Host Club. The time they had spent during their senior high was one of the best times of their lives.

It was the first time that they are living separately for so long. He and his brother. Up until they were pursuing their careers, he, a theatrical and movie costume designer, Hikaru a couture designer , they were almost always together, choosing the best projects that would allow them the least possible time to be separated.

But now, Hikaru met a beautiful girl during one of his trips abroad. A sweet girl, barely out of college and was working as a part time assistant during one of his photo shoots for his spring collection. He hired her after her short stint and introduced her to him. He was shocked that the girl had the same straight dark brown hair that Haruhi has. But what shocked him more was she was the opposite of Haruhi: very active in sports, but lousy at household chores. And she had no problem telling them apart. Maybe because their different tastes had begun to reflect in their personality: Hikaru is still brash, short-tempered and loud, while he can sit and listen quietly for hours and hours at end.

She found out about Haruhi during one of their fights. And heartbroken, she decided to pursue a degree in graphics design in Paris. It was he, Kaoru, who convinced his brother to go after her and apologize. It’s about time that he finally exorcise Haruhi from his system and start to care on another person who will take care of him.

Hikaru finally did heed his advice and did some soul searching. He could still remember the ache he felt on his heart, when he found the penthouse they were sharing empty, with a note from Hikaru telling him he needs to think first. He wanted to be with him, but he knew that only Hikaru can really chose the path that would lead to his happiness. Fortunately, after 2 weeks of not hearing from him, he had finally called this morning to tell him that he is no longer living under the shadow of failing to win over Haruhi’s heart. He had pursued his girl and successfully won her back. And he is now planning to propose to her in a few weeks time.

He promised Hikaru that he would drop by in Paris to visit, he just needed to tidy up a few more commitments he had made here in New York. He decided he needed a few months of break. Beside, his grandmother is nagging them to meet up and have a family reunion this Christmas.

He turned off his phone. He was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, lost in thought. He is extremely happy for his brother. He deserve to find his happiness. But.. He turned to his right and started to the direction of his atelier which was a few blocks away. But.. There is still a problem of him finding his own happiness. Hikaru would now be preoccupied with his new found love. And it would mean less time spending with him. He knew that the time for them to truly separate and find their own path to happiness has now come. He never expected it to be upon them now. And it pains him to think that he would be alone most of the time now.

Will I be able to face a future of loneliness?

He glanced down at his watch and noticed that he was running late. Oh crap! He should have asked for a later time to check the final fitting of the costumes. He wanted to drop by on his favorite coffeehouse and buy a cup of joe. Dammit!He wanted to shoot himself. He had better get a grip. He has no time to be melodramatic and sentimental. Its enough that Hikaru is always the dramatic one.

“Kaoru!!” Arianne, his personal assistant came running towards him as soon as he strolled to his office and began dumping his scarf, coat, glasses and Blackberry on his glass and steel table. He looked up and saw Arianne was sweating profusely.

” Arianne?” he was puzzled. He knew that most of the costumes are already in their final stage , and only minimal final checks were needed. But it is critical that he is present on the final checking before they deliver the costumes.

” We are in deep shit..” Arianne finally caught up with her breathing as she slumped down on one of the leather seats in front of his table. Arianne is his right hand, a funny mother of two who is good in juggling everything: his schedule, his calls and appointments. This is the first time he saw her nervously pacing inside his office.

He looked at her waiting for her to explain.

” I received a call from the director of the play. They told me that the main female lead has quit and they are bringing in a new one to replace her.” Arianne said in a rush.

“What?!” he spluttered. ” but the deadline?! Its 2 days from now!”

” I know!” Arianne said, ” they were very apologetic for causing this unforeseen event, but they are begging us to finish it in time for the opening next week!”

Oh man! He slumped on his chair. That would affect his other commitments. The female lead’s costume is one of the most time-consuming pieces they have ever created. He gave a deep sigh. ” Who is the new lead then?”

Arianne shrugged. ” A complete unknown. Apparently, the director had enough of the female lead’s prima donna ways and was almost ready to boot her out as soon as they finish their contract. But then he saw this girl and was instantly smitten with her presence and asked her to audition”

He rumpled his hair. They are probably in for a long weekend. ” Call them over and informed them to drop everything and focus on the dress for the next two days. Let’s just hope that the new actress’s body won’t require for the dress to be altered too much.”

She was supposed to come in a few hours for the dress assessment. The female lead has over 5 costumes to change into. Three of which need meticulous checking. The director had assured him that they would probably do minimal alteration as she is almost the same height and built of the former lead. They just want to make sure that the dresses are a perfect fit.

He was supervising the beading work of another costume when someone tapped him on the shoulder and informed him that the new actress is now waiting in his office. After a few hours of checking the other costumes, he feels tired and irritated. Maybe it was from excitement over Hikaru’s news.
And he knew he would have to pursue his vacation soon, or else he would surely be burned out by work.

” My apologies, ” he said as soon as he entered his office. ” I was checking the other costumes…” He stopped abruptly as he stared at the young woman in front of him..

“Haruhi?” he asked , astonished.

“I’m sorry?” the woman smiled, ” Kaoru Hitachiin, am I right?” She extended her hand and he shook it in reply.

He was stunned. The woman in front of him has Haruhi’s eyes. Light brown eyes that sparkle. She has long straight brown hair that was very shiny. Long lashes that flutter to her cheeks when she blinks, and dimples lit up her face when she smiles.

She has Haruhi's eyes at first glance.

” My name is Alexandra Winters” she introduced herself, ” the new lead to the production of Rose Whitlock”

” I am pleased to meet you” he said, trying to compose himself. Get a grip, Kaoru! She’s not Haruhi! Her eyes only look a bit like her! Sheesh! ” Please sit down.”

” Oh, please, is it okay if we go through with the fitting now. I’m afraid my schedule is very tight. I need to get back to the theater for another round of rehearsals.” she smiled apologetically.

Her eyes may remind him of Haruhi, but up close, he could see specks of green on the irises. He felt a familiar thumping on his chest. Like the first time he saw Haruhi dressed up in a girl’s clothes when they were helping Kanako Kasugazaki . And that same admiration was also reflected on Hikaru’s eyes.

But this was different. His pounding heart is not thumping over her. Maybe during the times that he comforted Hikaru on his silent suffering, he was also exorcising the last remnants of his love for Haruhi? He had already given up on pursuing Haruhi long before Hikaru realized that he was madly in love with her too, even long before Tamaki got over his Daddy complex over Haruhi.

Could it be?

Is this his chance to finally find true love like Hikaru?

He slowly smiled as he nodded his approval over Alexandra. She was studying him with a curious look on her face. She look almost the same age as Haruhi, possibly younger by a year or two. And the longer he stared at her, the more he likes what he see. At first glance, she has Haruhi’s eyes. But as soon as he got over the shock of the similarity, he saw that she has her own brand of charming attributes.

He took her hand as he gestured outside his office. He felt electrical sparks as their fingers touch, and glanced down at her surprised face, which was turned up to him. ” By the way, do you know that I have a twin brother named Hikaru?”

She nodded. ” Yeah. I saw him several times on the tv during New York Fashion week. He’s a real aggressive one, your brother.”

He looked taken aback as he was about to open the door. He turned back and faced her. ” Really? ”

She laughed. ” Yeah. But I like you better. You’re more witty and rational, I think. You’re very calm, considering the enormous work our production team has dumped in your lap. I’m glad I would be working with you.” She gave a tinkling laugh.

He laughed too. Maybe he won’t be too lonely in the future after all.

” Who is Haruhi?” she asked him, still smiling, not minding that he was now holding her hand tightly, but instead, moving closer to him. He could smell her flowery perfume.. Freesias.. His favorite flower.

” A good friend of mine and my brother’s. You’ll meet her some time” He answered.

Ouran High School Host Club is a shoujo manga by Bisco Hatori. Thank you for reading my fan fiction. Please support the mangaka by buying the original volumes. ^^


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