Rumor Has It, Adele is Making Waves in the Music Scene

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I am obsessed with Adele. Two months ago I was obsessed with Bjork‘s music. Now its Adele’s turn.

I already had Adele’s discography file a year ago, inside one of my hard drives. But for some reason, I did not listen to her album immediately (I think I was obsessively listening to other albums at that time, and I forget who it was.. Details..details)

Then I watched an episode from Glee where substitute teacher, Holly Holiday sang one of her hits ” Turning Tables” and I really liked the lyrics. So I began to search for her other songs. I came up with two of her most popular hits, which I liked very much: Rolling in the Deep and Rumor Has It.

Adele reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Of course, they share the same genre of music. However, while Amy Winehouse is keeping tabloid reporters busy, Adele was rocking the music world with her voice and music.

Here are the two of my favorite songs from Adele. Hope you enjoy it.

Rolling in the deep

Rumor Has It


Fan Fiction

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I’m suddenly obsessed with fan fiction. After writing a couple of fan fiction recently (note: see my two entries below >.<) I found out I enjoyed creating other what-ifs scenarios of my favorite shoujo mangas and even novels.

Take for instance a couple of fan fiction I've done for two unforgettable characters of Ouran High School Host Club.

I was working this morning, actually I was distracted from work, still thinking about Kyouya-senpai, and trying to cook up other happy ending scenarios for him involving Haruhi. Don't get me wrong, I do like the real ending that the mangaka, Bisco Hatori had created. I like Tamaki Suoh, except sometimes, when I start to reread all the volumes, he's really dense and idiotic. His reactions are sometimes too predictable for me.

On the other hand, I like Kyouya. He's always so cool and collective that it would probably be hard to imagine what he would look like if he's flustered with romantic situations, ne?

So, fan fiction.

I have just realized that I've been writing fan fiction for as long as when I started scribbling my short stories on my old recycled notebooks. Duh! How could I have not realized it?!

Now I won't lament the fact that I still need more stories regarding my favorite Host Club. I can just create different situations for my own reading pleasure! ^^

And one of my personal fantasy is to create a good short story where my favorite cross-dresser (Haruhi, of course!) takes the reverse-harem to the extreme! How does sleeping together with 6 hot guys sound? (Imagines Haruhi in a nightdress snuggling close with all her fellow Host club members and sleeping together in Tamaki's king size bed) *nosebleed @.@*

I will keep you posted with my other new entries for fan fiction! 😀 (As long as I do not pass out from my moe! moe! moments)

Ouran High School Host Club Graduates: Kyouya Ootori

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This is another fan fiction I have written for another member of Ouran Host Club. Kyouya Ootori was teasingly referred to as the Evil Shadow King of the club, as his information network is extensive, and his manipulation and power can easily solve any problems that a host member may encounter. I actually preferred Kyouya Ootori over Tamaki Suoh for Haruhi Fujioka. Too bad, things didn’t work out in my favor, so I created a different ending for Kyouya.

He loosened his tie a bit before settling deeply on his leather chair. He had just finished his meeting with Tamaki Suoh, his bestfriend and former schoolmate at Ouran Academy. Tamaki has grand ambitions to make vaccines more affordable for third world countries. By setting up a foundation, he wants cheap medical facilities set up in different parts of the world and at the same time, by offering to set up medical support for third world countries, he is planting his seed for more future investments in hotel and banking industry.

Another long day filled with endless meetings

The past few years had been most productive for both the Suoh and Ootori empire. They each have contributed greatly in tripling the earnings of their businesses. He had been given the lion’s share of overseeing his father’s multinational corporation, given his excellent grades from his MBA, while his two brothers headed the medical research facility. Things are looking good for both of them, and he must admit, Tamaki is practically glowing with energy. He would be expecting his second child in a few months time, and he wanted to tie up most of his commitments so that he could take a couple of month’s of vacation to attend to the newborn.

He was happy to see his friend finally fulfilling all he had wanted to achieve. It was hard to believe that a few years ago, he was same the idiotic Host Club president who went to all sorts of trouble, and he was left to deal with most of the mess he created. He had matured a lot since marrying Haruhi.

And Haruhi, well, he saw her when she came to fetch Tamaki from the conference room. She was looking unusually more beautiful than ever, the white and pink dress suiting her glowing skin perfectly. She had kissed him on the cheek and asked how his father was doing.

” The old geezer is vacationing in Naples as we speak” He chuckled, “and he could not stop bugging me to meet all the women he had compiled as my potential bride.”

” My, Kyouya, are you still letting your father decide your life? Find a woman who will accept your other personality. You are, after all, the Evil Shadow King of the Host club.” she laughed, “Please convey my greetings to him. ” Haruhi smiled. ” And thank you for taking care of my idiotic husband.”

” He is less idiotic these past few years, thank goodness for that!” he remarked. ” He is looking forward to seeing your second child.”

Haruhi Fujioka, the only girl who had intrigued him throughout his highschool life.

Haruhi blushed prettily, and he felt his heart tugged a bit. When Hani-sempai asked him before whether he has feelings for Haruhi, he lied that he values the Host Club more than this raccoon girl who turned into a pretty and blushing bride. The truth of the matter is, he was intrigued with Haruhi, ever since she had accidentally walked into their Club headquarters. He was the first one to notice that she was a female hiding underneath those atrocious clothes she was wearing back then. He was startled with her huge brown eyes underneath the nerdy glasses, but he was afraid to pursue her. She had this uncanny ability of correctly guessing a person’s personality through her powers of observation and sharp mind. He would not mind pursuing her himself, even if his father objected. Give her some time, and she could be a formidable business partner.. And wife. He knew if there is anyone who can understand the intricacies of handling a multinational corporation, it would be Haruhi. She is clever as him, and she would never bore him. Except..

Except it was too late to pursue her. By the time he had realized that he wanted her, she had already started developing feelings for Tamaki, and his idiotic bestfriend took quite some time to realize that he was falling for her too.

He wanted to hit himself in the head. But he has a reputation to maintain. As the former Evil Shadow King of the Host club, he’s not supposed to make any mistakes on his decisions. He laughed to himself. The Evil Shadow King had let his potential bride get away.

” Obocchama” his bodyguard Minase had his suitcase and coat ready. Minase is his faithful head of security. His father insisted on upping his security ever since he had assumed the head position of the Ootori empire.

He stood up and followed his security team, his mind already preoccupied with the next meeting. His footsteps echoed across the first storey lobby. Maybe he should drop by Tamaki’s place and make plans for their next reunion. He never want to admit but he was looking forward to seeing his other close friends. He had talked to Kaoru last night, who broke the news that he would be bringing a guest during the reunion. As for Hikaru, he could not stop gushing about his fiancée.

God! These stupid twins! Took them so long to finally let go of Haruhi.

“Hey! Watch out!” a voice broke his reverie. He was almost to the waiting car, when he collided with a scruffy animal carrying books.

And the next thing he knew, he was lying flat on his back and his bodyguards were all scrambling over to help him.

” Are you alright, Obocchama! Can you get up?”

” I will call an ambulance”

“I’m alright. I’m alright.” he put up his hands. ” I just got the wind knocked out of me” What the hell? Who is that imbecile colliding with him?! ” Can you check the other person please? He might need some assistance”

He dusted off his impeccable coat, straightened his tie and smoothed his hair. His glasses were still askew as he looked up and saw that his bodyguards were already holding the scruffy young man like a criminal.

” Hey, hey! Don’t hold him too hard. ” He adjusted his glasses and saw the tall young man holding the large stack of books. He was wearing glasses, his unusually long brown hair disheveled and pulled back in an untidy ponytail. Do universities nowadays allow its students to wear it anyway they like it?

a scruffy-looking college kid had the gall to bump into him..

” Are you alright? Please accept my apologies, I was not paying attention to where I was going” He bowed low at him. Sigh. And now he’s late for the appointment.

“I-I am sorry.” A squeaky voice replied. ” I-its my fault.”

Kyouya looked up. The young man was definitely mortified at bumping into him. If he were back in highschool he would have been treated with a curt apology and a cold shoulder. But since he need to keep up with the good reputation of being a gentleman, or so Haruhi had teasingly told him, he must keep up with the supposed pretences and be gracious at all times. Tamaki would probably weep when he finds out he’s rude to anyone. How troublesome.

Be courteous and gracious at all times was Tamaki's mantra even if you can get no merits from that person. And it rubbed off to me completely. That idiot!

” I hope I did not cause you any injury?” The guy said. He started fumbling about on his pockets and took out a handkerchief. He bent down and wiped off the dust on his shiny black leather shoes.

” Hey! There’s no need for you to do that!” He stepped back, feeling his face reddening. What the hell is this guy thinking?!

He shrugged and stood up straight. He was really tall, but not as tall as he. His head barely reached his shoulder. He looked skinny. And his skin is smooth. Hmmm..

His deep green eyes stared back to him. And he was instantly reminded of the wet green of leaves. Unusual mesmerizing eyes for a guy..

He nodded his goodbye to the man and went inside the waiting car, where his personal secretary handed him a sheaf of papers to study before his next meeting.

It wasn’t until the car had already pulled out of the building’s elegant driveway, when he dropped the sheaf of papers and looked up, lost in thought. He ignored his bodyguard and secretary, scrambling to pick up the papers on the car’s floor.

He turned and peered hard through the heavily tinted rear window of the car and searched with his eyes all over the building’s steel and glass entrance. But the person he was looking for is already gone.

It had just hit him that the person he had encountered was a girl.


He was annoyed with himself. He got distracted with the thoughts of that girl he bumped into he almost forgot that he was supposed to concentrate on the meeting ahead. It’s a good thing that the meeting was short and brief. It only lasted for an hour.

Now he’s back at home having dinner alone. And he hated to eat dinner alone. He could not even taste the chicken consommé that his French chef Jacques had prepared for him. He was half-tempted to call Tamaki’s house and have dinner with them, when he stopped. Why did I not think of it before?!

Snapping his fingers, Minase immediately appeared beside him. ” Sir?”

The reason he could not concentrate was because of that squirrel girl he had bumped into. He was annoyed that his instincts failed him for the first time in his life, because it took him some 15 minutes to realize something was amiss with that girl. Fifteen measly minutes!

That annoying girl managed to make a fool out of him!

” Find her” He said. And he doesn’t need to explain who “her” is. Minase understood his commands immediately. It was one of the reasons why he placed him as the head of his security team. He knows how to get things done discreetly.

He wants to convince himself that as soon as the mystery behind that girl’s eyes is uncovered, the better he would sleep at night.


There was a whole flock of tourists and students visiting the building the next morning. The whole first floor was jampacked with tourists who are visiting the food expo to be held on the third and fourth storey of their building. While culinary students took the opportunity of the school holidays to visit the expo too.

He was starting to get dizzy with all the people mingling about. Not to mention his personal bodyguards are also overwhelmed with the amount of people spilling inside the lounge area as he make his way towards the elevator lobby.

A lot of visitors came in for the Expo today.. Where's my security team?

“Ouch!” somebody stepped on his foot hard. A large overweight white man in a Hawaiian shirt muttered a brief apology and went on his way, jostling people as he tried to keep up with his group, when he saw a flash of disheveled hair in the middle of the crowd. His heart almost stopped beating when he realized it was the same girl who bumped into him yesterday.

Without even thinking, he shot forward and started pushing people aside and try to reach her. She was on her way out of the building, amazed at her ability to dodge oncoming crowds coming in for the expo. He could hear his bodyguards calling for him, ” Obocchama!” as he managed to land on the pavement outside and began running towards the girl who is now crossing the street.

But he won’t lose this time. He could still catch her. “hey wait! You the girl with the glasses!” He picked up his speed and began to sprint just in time before the light turned red. He felt ridiculous running around like a mad man in his dark Armani suit, sweat pouring out of his skin, with the unbearable heat of the summer.

He was almost there. “Hey! You squirrel girl!”

She stopped and turned to look at whoever was yelling behind her, when out of the blue, a man wearing work clothes burst out of a side street carrying a wooden ladder. It was too late for him to stop and Kyouya Ootori felt hard wood hitting his forehead. And the next thing he knew, darkness was all around him.


God he felt terrible. Blast this splitting headache! Where was he by the way? And is he late for his next meeting? What is that smell?

He opened his slowly and saw a battered ceiling above. Am I still dreaming? He tried to sit up and noticed that the smell was actually oil-based paints and acrylics. The room he was in is tiny. It was filled with canvases bursting with colors: portraits of old men and women, playing children, sunsets, landscapes, etc. He was impressed with the detail of a particularly beautiful tiger lily, when he heard a clatter near the door and saw that the girl he was chasing was holding a tray filled with mugs of hot tea.

He glanced down and saw that his normally impeccable tie and white shirt were loosened and that he was lying on an old worn out futon that smelled of strawberry shampoo.

” Oh! You’re awake” the girl said. She moved closer and he saw that she was wearing some hideous-looking green shirt and jeans and what a used to be white-colored smock smeared with paints and charcoal. She was still wearing that atrocious glasses the first time he saw her, and her hair as disheveled as ever. She began serving tea, and he noted how delicate-looking her hands were. How could he had ever mistaken that she was a guy? He’s no Tamaki Suoh. Back during the host club days, he was the first one who noticed that Haruhi was a girl.

” You will have a massive bump on your forehead” she continued, not minding that he was at loss for words. ” I tried to bring the swelling down with a cold compress, but I suggest you visit your doctor as soon as you are able to walk”

His hand went straight to his forehead and felt the large bump. ” Why am I here?”

” My flat is nearest than the hospital.. Besides.. You’re very heavy to support you know..” She smiled brightly as she handed him a mug. ” Here, it’s a special concoction of mine. Apple green tea”

Is this a trap? Am I being poisoned by my enemies? He gave her a long look before taking the mug from her. He took a quick sip. The hot liquid soothed his parched mouth. The sweetness of the apple lingering on his tongue.

” You’re a painter?” what a lousy question.

She nodded. ” Uh-huh. I paint, I do some sculpting, I bake cakes, I do gardening. But painting is my true passion.”

“What were you doing in the Ootori Financial Center?” He took a gulp of the tea.

She stood up and began re-stacking some canvases on one side of the wall so she could have extra space to sit on. ” Well, I was trying to book a small space on one of the exhibition halls for my paintings. But I could not afford the renting price.” Her green eyes met his. ” the money I came up with is still not enough and the date I was trying to get was reserved for a VIP”

“Oh, I see” He felt a tug on his heart. An unfamiliar feeling that he last felt when he saw a certain raccoon girl jump on a car with his best friend to meet his departing mother. A daring escape he, Kyouya, had personally orchestrated and planned as thanks to the only person who had been there for him, when he was being suffocated by the restrictions set by his father.

” I could do something about it” he offered, ” after all the trouble you went through with hauling me here in your home. After all I own the place” He smiled ironically. Maybe the whole thing was orchestrated. Here was an ambitious painter, wanting to showcase her supposed talents, but having no money to further her path to being famous, she timed everything so she could meet him “accidentally”.

Another disappointment. She was only after something from me.

He was disappointed. Another girl who only has her greedy sights set on his assets. There really was no mystery about her. How could he have gotten so carried away by her eyes and her mysteriousness?

” Actually, Mr. Ootori, I know who you are. But I think I can get fine on my on, thanks” She smiled.

Ahh.. The same old tactic of pretending she’s not really interested so he could insist on pressing his help to her. Guess he must not disappoint the girl with her cheap expectation.

” But I must insist, please let me repay your kindness this way” he pushed up his glass and placed the empty mug on the tatami mat. The apple that tasted sweet now feels bitter on the throat.

” Oh no, please. I could not accept such thing. No need to be strung up over a small insignificant girl like me ” she paused. ” I called your bodyguard on your cellphone. I hope you don’t mind. I’m sure they were worried.”

He could hear some pounding and thudding sounds outside the hallway. Then a group of men burst into the room, holding guns and shouting ” Obocchama, are you okay?!”


His security team had already hauled him out of the old condominium building and kept on insisting he should be taken to the hospital, but he refused, instead calling on their old family doctor, who checked him and pronounced him none for the worse. His secretary cancelled all his appointments for the following days and followed the doctors orders for complete bed rest and a few days of vacation.

Indeed, the fuss became ever more irritating when Tamaki called and check up on him. He is still cringing at the last call he made, making unnecessary arrangements for him to join their family vacation in Paris, where Haruhi would be spending her last few months before she was due for the delivery of the second child.

He was already settled on his study room, wearing casual clothing, reading some papers and typing some notes on his laptop, when he finally acknowledge the day’s events. In the end he never learned the girl’s name. Nor was he interested to learn now. He does not want to repeat that episode again. Loosing his head over another insignificant girl. It was enough that he had made the mistake once. He regretted the consequences of not pursuing Haruhi before. But it was too late now. He does not want to get hurt again. Maybe he should see his father and talk about a prospective, respectable, potential bride for him. At least whoever this bride is, she would understand the demands of being the head of Ootori empire and fulfilling her role as a model hostess. And she won’t get on his nerves when he is moody.

He slammed his fist down on the table. But dammit! It was the first time in a few years since he felt that tugging inside his chest. He thought he would forever be a robot after burying his feelings for Haruhi. Now, this girl comes barging in and bringing havoc in his otherwise orderly lifestyle, seeing through him even though they had only meet once.

Glancing down at the table, he noticed a manila folder sticking out from the pile of papers. It had Minase’s note sticking out on one side. He pulled out the folder and began reading the contents.

Zara Allegra Shibusawa Torres. The granddaughter of an electronics giant CEO, and the daughter of the disgraced Sakura Shibusawa, the shy belle of the 80s high society. After meeting a painter in Barcelona, she got pregnant with the Lady Zara resulting in her banishment from Japan. Two years after the girl was born, her father died from medical complications. Sakura took care of her daughter until she died when Zara was 15, but not before Zara had obtained legal emancipation to avoid becoming a state ward. She put herself up through college. It has been stated that her grandfather tried to contact her once, but she had refused his offer of help on the grounds of his having control of who she will marry.

He had once saved the wife of this zaibatsu in Karuizawa, when Tamaki left him at the commoner’s expo and Haruhi found him without his wallet or cellphone.

There was a small yearbook photo of Zara stapled on the collection of papers Minase had managed to gather: bank accounts, copies of passport, academic records, birth certificate, etc. She was wearing a blue and white uniform, big green eyes speaking up volumes of hardship and triumph. It was taken just a few weeks after her mother died.

Zara, with her green sad eyes.

What the hell? She can afford to rent the whole exhibition hall for 10 years if she wants to!

He wanted to crumple the paper he was holding. He had never been outwitted by another person before! Let alone this squirrel girl!


The red velvet invitation was handed delivered to him by a special courier. It was a formal invitation to a special opening of the exhibition of works by a Ms. Zara Torres. The event would be a simple black tie affair.

He had tossed the invitation across his office room. Feeling childish, he stomped around, slamming his things around, being irritated over small things. He wanted to confront her for hiding her secret from him. But he was embarrassed by the fact that she saw through his actions. That he was still masking his true emotions in front of all these people. That he could not let down his guard and be vulnerable.

Five weeks passed by and he immersed himself totally with his business commitments. He had asked his secretary to leave the night of the exhibition open for him. But he was still undecided on whether to go or not to go. He had already instructed his bodyguard to deliver a special floral arrangement to the gallery and convey his apologies for not coming. But he could not keep still. Telling himself that he would just go incognito and see her, he rushed home to change his clothes.

A small gathering of people were already inside the gallery. Pretending to be a curious tourist, he slipped past the guard and entered the premises. The whole floor was tastefully decorated with simple floral arrangements, mirrors and sculptures. A small area was cordoned off for people specifically invited to stay for refreshments.

A series of paintings met his roving eyes. Different sizes of canvases were hung up, depicting the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. A flaming fire tree in the middle of a park, the falling of sakura blossoms, Bamboo galleries, a tea set with red apples and green tea..

And he was standing in the middle of the gallery surrounded by the four seasons.

And in the center, a particularly poignant portrait of a young man looking out of the window, his glasses perched on a table beside him as he watches the sun set.

And the young man looks achingly familiar. His younger self.

” I will assume that you have already recovered from the “stomach ache” ” a voice behind him said.

He turned, expecting to see the same frumpy girl he keeps on encountering on his dreams, when he saw Zara dressed in a simple rosy frock, without the dirty smock and glasses. He caught his breath as she moved closer, his nostrils filled with the scent of summer flowers. He offered his hand to help her up on the small platform, and he felt a tingle of electric shock that ran from his fingertips to his arm.

No longer the frumpy girl he had meet twice before, she looks simply elegant..

He could feel his heart thundering, when she finally stood close to him, staring at the special portrait of him, gazing dreamily. He wondered if she could hear his heart hammering traitorously.

” Is that really me?” he said not believing his eyes at her transformation.

” I saw you once in Karuizawa, ten years ago. I was twelve. My mother secretly met my grandmother. And to avoid detection from my grandfather’s security team, they agreed to meet during the so-called commoner’s expo. Grandmother had to sneak out to meet us. But before she met us, she got sidetracked with a fake pottery exhibit, where you found her and save her from an embarrassing situation. ” she gave a laugh remembering the event. She could still remember Kyouya smiling as her grandmother thanked him. It was the one and only time she saw his genuine smile. Because the next time she saw him in newspapers and on business news, he was wearing his mask again.

” My grandfather is a formidable man. Forceful and impatient. But he was disappointed with my mother’s decision and refused to see me or my father. My grandmother was concern and wanted to take us back with her to see my grandfather. ” she was still gazing at his picture, lost in thought. ” I was sad and confused at that time and I do not wished to see him. During the ride with my grandmother, she told me a bit about you, about how you had the potential to inherit your father’s businesses, but you are required not to overshadow your older brothers. And I thought, here was a young man who had smiled geniunely at my grandmother, confident that he could someday break out of the frame his family name had placed around him.”

” I never intended to intrude in your life when I bumped into you that fateful day. I was content to stay in the background. But you look so sad and forlorn that day and I was determined to take the chance that you might come to my gallery and see the portrait I have done about you. Maybe it would help you to remind that there are things in life that are worth fighting for. Like what you did when you finally assumed the leadership of the Ootori empire. You fought to prove that your are worth something”

” I was being childish these past few weeks, you completely saw through the mask I was wearing all the time” he finally said, not looking at her. The portrait reminded him of the good times back then. That time when he had to admit to himself that he was falling for Haruhi. ” it was the first time I felt like I was outwitted by a girl. A girl who saw through me. Very few people can understand me.”

Haruhi was the second person and the only girl who understood his complex personality. Is the girl in front of me now, my future?

” Like that girl you were with in Karuizawa? ” she gave a soft laugh. ” Haruhi Fujioka who married your best friend Tamaki Suoh”. She turned to him. ” my grandfather contacted me last year offering to make me a candidate to inherit his empire. But I turned down his offer. That’s why I’m still living like a poor hermit. I know you didn’t like my dump which I call home”

A girl who takes after Haruhi Fujioka. That raccoon girl who haunted his dreams a long time ago, now replaced by this squirrel of a girl who can understand all his good sides and bad sides. A girl who dared to dream and make her own destiny without the aid of her grandfather’s legacy. A valuable girl who will enrich some man’s life and teach him about living.

Here is another chance being given to him, to be that man. Will he still conform with what was expected of him as an Ootori? Marry a woman of his family’s choosing or marry a woman of his own choosing?

“How about we have dinner? I could discuss different ways on how you can penetrate the art world with your excellent works and make a name for yourself?” They both turned away from the portrait and slowly made their way through the gallery.

Aaahh.. finally.. The woman I have been waiting for..

” And how much is your fee?” she teased him. ” will I be another host club client?”

She undoubtedly did her research alright. He gave a low, rich laugh. ” how about if we start by devoting the remaining of your free time exclusively to me?”

She smiled brilliantly, eyes shining. ” I think your fee is too much. Give me some time to think about it”

He held her hand tightly, never wanting to let go. By God! How the former host club members will adore her when he introduce her next month.

Ouran High School Host Club is a shoujo manga by Bisco Hatori. Thank you for reading my fan fiction. Please support the mangaka by buying the original volumes. ^^

Ouran Highschool Host Club Graduates: Kaoru Hitachiin

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The following is my own fan fiction on one of the main characters of Ouran High School Host Club. In celebration of the ending of the volume series, I have decided to pursue a short story about Kaoru Hitachiin, and a possible good ending for a twin who had sacrificed a lot for his beloved brother.

“Hikaru…are you happy?” He asked at the other end of the line.

There was silence on the other line of the phone, he could almost hear his beloved twin brother taking a deep breath.

” Yes.. It’s been so long, but finally, I can honestly say that I am happy” he said.

Our love for Haruhi Fujioka is a real dilemma. But I love Hikaru more, so I gave him the chance to pursue her.


Haruhi, the first person who had broke down the barrier they had put up to protect themselves from the outside world. The bond between twins is complex. They are born looking the same, but having a different personality from one another. They had desperately wanted to fit in despite struggling with their individuality. And Haruhi was the only person who had paved the way for them. It was only natural they they both fell in love with her.

Haruhi. who wouldn't fall for her? She is smart, kind, a bit dense, but too cute for her own good.

Kaoru can almost see him smiling after saying it. He was glad. It’s been years before Hikaru finally recovered from his heartache over Haruhi Fujioka, who is now happily married to their close friend and sempai, Tamaki Suoh. They are expecting their second child next spring, and he is planning to go home in Tokyo to see them along with his other former host club members: Kyouya Ootori, Takashi Morinozuka and Mitsukuni Haninozuka. Of course, Hikaru assured him that he would join them too, and he would introduce his future wife to them.

He missed the Host Club. The time they had spent during their senior high was one of the best times of their lives.

It was the first time that they are living separately for so long. He and his brother. Up until they were pursuing their careers, he, a theatrical and movie costume designer, Hikaru a couture designer , they were almost always together, choosing the best projects that would allow them the least possible time to be separated.

But now, Hikaru met a beautiful girl during one of his trips abroad. A sweet girl, barely out of college and was working as a part time assistant during one of his photo shoots for his spring collection. He hired her after her short stint and introduced her to him. He was shocked that the girl had the same straight dark brown hair that Haruhi has. But what shocked him more was she was the opposite of Haruhi: very active in sports, but lousy at household chores. And she had no problem telling them apart. Maybe because their different tastes had begun to reflect in their personality: Hikaru is still brash, short-tempered and loud, while he can sit and listen quietly for hours and hours at end.

She found out about Haruhi during one of their fights. And heartbroken, she decided to pursue a degree in graphics design in Paris. It was he, Kaoru, who convinced his brother to go after her and apologize. It’s about time that he finally exorcise Haruhi from his system and start to care on another person who will take care of him.

Hikaru finally did heed his advice and did some soul searching. He could still remember the ache he felt on his heart, when he found the penthouse they were sharing empty, with a note from Hikaru telling him he needs to think first. He wanted to be with him, but he knew that only Hikaru can really chose the path that would lead to his happiness. Fortunately, after 2 weeks of not hearing from him, he had finally called this morning to tell him that he is no longer living under the shadow of failing to win over Haruhi’s heart. He had pursued his girl and successfully won her back. And he is now planning to propose to her in a few weeks time.

He promised Hikaru that he would drop by in Paris to visit, he just needed to tidy up a few more commitments he had made here in New York. He decided he needed a few months of break. Beside, his grandmother is nagging them to meet up and have a family reunion this Christmas.

He turned off his phone. He was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, lost in thought. He is extremely happy for his brother. He deserve to find his happiness. But.. He turned to his right and started to the direction of his atelier which was a few blocks away. But.. There is still a problem of him finding his own happiness. Hikaru would now be preoccupied with his new found love. And it would mean less time spending with him. He knew that the time for them to truly separate and find their own path to happiness has now come. He never expected it to be upon them now. And it pains him to think that he would be alone most of the time now.

Will I be able to face a future of loneliness?

He glanced down at his watch and noticed that he was running late. Oh crap! He should have asked for a later time to check the final fitting of the costumes. He wanted to drop by on his favorite coffeehouse and buy a cup of joe. Dammit!He wanted to shoot himself. He had better get a grip. He has no time to be melodramatic and sentimental. Its enough that Hikaru is always the dramatic one.

“Kaoru!!” Arianne, his personal assistant came running towards him as soon as he strolled to his office and began dumping his scarf, coat, glasses and Blackberry on his glass and steel table. He looked up and saw Arianne was sweating profusely.

” Arianne?” he was puzzled. He knew that most of the costumes are already in their final stage , and only minimal final checks were needed. But it is critical that he is present on the final checking before they deliver the costumes.

” We are in deep shit..” Arianne finally caught up with her breathing as she slumped down on one of the leather seats in front of his table. Arianne is his right hand, a funny mother of two who is good in juggling everything: his schedule, his calls and appointments. This is the first time he saw her nervously pacing inside his office.

He looked at her waiting for her to explain.

” I received a call from the director of the play. They told me that the main female lead has quit and they are bringing in a new one to replace her.” Arianne said in a rush.

“What?!” he spluttered. ” but the deadline?! Its 2 days from now!”

” I know!” Arianne said, ” they were very apologetic for causing this unforeseen event, but they are begging us to finish it in time for the opening next week!”

Oh man! He slumped on his chair. That would affect his other commitments. The female lead’s costume is one of the most time-consuming pieces they have ever created. He gave a deep sigh. ” Who is the new lead then?”

Arianne shrugged. ” A complete unknown. Apparently, the director had enough of the female lead’s prima donna ways and was almost ready to boot her out as soon as they finish their contract. But then he saw this girl and was instantly smitten with her presence and asked her to audition”

He rumpled his hair. They are probably in for a long weekend. ” Call them over and informed them to drop everything and focus on the dress for the next two days. Let’s just hope that the new actress’s body won’t require for the dress to be altered too much.”

She was supposed to come in a few hours for the dress assessment. The female lead has over 5 costumes to change into. Three of which need meticulous checking. The director had assured him that they would probably do minimal alteration as she is almost the same height and built of the former lead. They just want to make sure that the dresses are a perfect fit.

He was supervising the beading work of another costume when someone tapped him on the shoulder and informed him that the new actress is now waiting in his office. After a few hours of checking the other costumes, he feels tired and irritated. Maybe it was from excitement over Hikaru’s news.
And he knew he would have to pursue his vacation soon, or else he would surely be burned out by work.

” My apologies, ” he said as soon as he entered his office. ” I was checking the other costumes…” He stopped abruptly as he stared at the young woman in front of him..

“Haruhi?” he asked , astonished.

“I’m sorry?” the woman smiled, ” Kaoru Hitachiin, am I right?” She extended her hand and he shook it in reply.

He was stunned. The woman in front of him has Haruhi’s eyes. Light brown eyes that sparkle. She has long straight brown hair that was very shiny. Long lashes that flutter to her cheeks when she blinks, and dimples lit up her face when she smiles.

She has Haruhi's eyes at first glance.

” My name is Alexandra Winters” she introduced herself, ” the new lead to the production of Rose Whitlock”

” I am pleased to meet you” he said, trying to compose himself. Get a grip, Kaoru! She’s not Haruhi! Her eyes only look a bit like her! Sheesh! ” Please sit down.”

” Oh, please, is it okay if we go through with the fitting now. I’m afraid my schedule is very tight. I need to get back to the theater for another round of rehearsals.” she smiled apologetically.

Her eyes may remind him of Haruhi, but up close, he could see specks of green on the irises. He felt a familiar thumping on his chest. Like the first time he saw Haruhi dressed up in a girl’s clothes when they were helping Kanako Kasugazaki . And that same admiration was also reflected on Hikaru’s eyes.

But this was different. His pounding heart is not thumping over her. Maybe during the times that he comforted Hikaru on his silent suffering, he was also exorcising the last remnants of his love for Haruhi? He had already given up on pursuing Haruhi long before Hikaru realized that he was madly in love with her too, even long before Tamaki got over his Daddy complex over Haruhi.

Could it be?

Is this his chance to finally find true love like Hikaru?

He slowly smiled as he nodded his approval over Alexandra. She was studying him with a curious look on her face. She look almost the same age as Haruhi, possibly younger by a year or two. And the longer he stared at her, the more he likes what he see. At first glance, she has Haruhi’s eyes. But as soon as he got over the shock of the similarity, he saw that she has her own brand of charming attributes.

He took her hand as he gestured outside his office. He felt electrical sparks as their fingers touch, and glanced down at her surprised face, which was turned up to him. ” By the way, do you know that I have a twin brother named Hikaru?”

She nodded. ” Yeah. I saw him several times on the tv during New York Fashion week. He’s a real aggressive one, your brother.”

He looked taken aback as he was about to open the door. He turned back and faced her. ” Really? ”

She laughed. ” Yeah. But I like you better. You’re more witty and rational, I think. You’re very calm, considering the enormous work our production team has dumped in your lap. I’m glad I would be working with you.” She gave a tinkling laugh.

He laughed too. Maybe he won’t be too lonely in the future after all.

” Who is Haruhi?” she asked him, still smiling, not minding that he was now holding her hand tightly, but instead, moving closer to him. He could smell her flowery perfume.. Freesias.. His favorite flower.

” A good friend of mine and my brother’s. You’ll meet her some time” He answered.

Ouran High School Host Club is a shoujo manga by Bisco Hatori. Thank you for reading my fan fiction. Please support the mangaka by buying the original volumes. ^^

The Post-Apocalyptic World of Vampire Hunter D

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Twelve thousand years into the future, much of the world has been changed. The human population has experienced a rapid decline, along with the degeneration of the world’s proud cities. Forests became deserts and deserts became seas. With the changing of the climate, people now fear to go out late at night. Armed with their machine guns, laser whips and sabers, they must now protect themselves from the ferocious creatures of the night: vampires.

Baron Meier Link and his victim Charlotte

In the year 1999, a nuclear war had occurred. After the devastation, Vampires known as the Nobility, planned to restore the world into their image. Leading the pack was their leader, the Noble Ancestor Dracula. They fortified their castles with magic combined with technology; created powerful creatures to serve as their guards and servants, while the few remaining creatures which survived the apocalypse were left to further mutate and evolve. Although the Nobility had the power and technology to create substitute for blood, they still prefer to take theirs from humans. Thus, with their success complete, they have managed to create a society to co-exist with the humans. However as they reached the peak of their domination, the Nobility has swerved to the path of decadence.

The Post Apocalyptic World of Vampire Hunter D

Humans, in turn, have also been transformed: along with the survivors of the holocaust, their fear of vampires has been woven into their genetic code, and simple knowledge about vampire weaknesses such as crucifixes and sunlight has been forgotten.

But there are people who are determined to fight back and reclaim their freedom under the dominion of the Nobility. Vampire hunting became a lucrative profession. And the greatest of them is a vampire hunter called D.

Lone wolf and knight errant, the vampire hunter D

I first discovered Vampire Hunter D a few years ago while I was searching for books to read. The only vampire-themed books I’ve actually read are Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula. Vampire Chronicles are full of drama- too much drama for me sometimes. I did enjoy the first few books of Rice but after I started reading Merrick, I started to get bored with her plot twists. Stoker’s classic is good, except the pace of the story is slow it made me sleepy the first time I attempted to finish it.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Vampire Hunter D. Vampire Hunter D has been around since the 80s, created by one of Japan’s horror masters: Hideyuki Kikuchi. Kikuchi’s storytelling style has been compared with his Western contemporaries such as Robert Bloch (Psycho), Robert E. Howard (Conan the Cimmerian and Solomon Kane), Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow Out of Time), Fritz Leiber (Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series), and even Stephen King. In fact, its first movie has been one of the notable anime films released in the 80s targeting older teens/adult audiences and is considered a classic: Vampire Hunter D and its follow-up, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Personally, I prefer the second movie, as the tones are really dark, and its violence and gore befits the world I imagined where D is currently living.

Volume 1, Vampire Hunter D (english translated light novel)

Although Vampire Hunter D’s adventure has been compiled in several volumes, it was only until recently that they were translated to English. Fans of the light novels were not able to enjoy D’s heroic exploits due to the fact that they were only available in Japanese. But the increasing popularity of Japanese manga to the western audiences contributed to its huge demand for the novels to be translated.

Who the hell is this mysterious vampire hunter called D?

D is a dhampir: a half-vampire, half-human offspring of a vampire and a human. He is considered the best vampire hunter, being a product of both worlds, but belonging to neither. He is both feared and loathed for his skills, powers and unearthly beauty. Unlike vampires from traditional folklore, the Nobility have the capacity to reproduce sexually, their offspring will permanently cease aging as soon as it reaches physical maturity.

D, with his superior intellect, supernatural powers and unearthly beauty makes him a formidable opponent

D’s powers supposedly make him one of the strongest in the world, possibly second only to his father. It has been hinted several times in the light novels that his father is possibly the Nobility’s Sacred Ancestor and Vampire King, Dracula, who bedded a human called Mina the Fair, as D is intensely familiar with Dracula’s experiments, works and achievements, sometimes even quoting his words during his encounters with his enemies. Indeed, even his symbiotic sidekick, Left Hand confirmed in the book, Demon Deathcase, that his father ” Dracula became impatient with the Bloody Countess, and your father, The Vampire King, became impatient with her gluttony. And impaled her on ‘The Sword’ ” (referring to the Countess Carmilla, the real villain on the book).

The Countess Carmilla, the real villian on Volume 3: Demon Deathcase

D’s powers extend even beyond the magical realm. He has a few weaknesses, among them sun-sickness every 5 years or so. But his recovery time is exceedingly fast, about 1-6 hours, which is remarkable for a normal powerful dhampir.

Travelling the world has been the fate of D, along with fulfilling contracts by his supposed clients. His assignments differ on a case to case basis, sometimes even serving as an escort or bodyguard of a Nobility, eventhough he is a vampire hunter. As long as the client can pay his exorbitant price, he will fulfill the terms of the contract. Even with his cybernetic horse and the advancement of human and technology from the Nobility, the earth’s landscape has been vastly altered: small towns reverted back into feudal decline. Large tracks of desert and unknown boundaries define the geography. Most people prefer to stay within their known hamlets as traveling is too dangerous for a mortal who have no weapons of his own. Once in a while, an electronic traveling bus would take people en route to other places and into the Capital. Some brave souls would venture out into the open eventually, but few survive the journey as they encounter creatures of unexplained origin and phenomena. And D’s strength would also be tested with these harsh conditions under his contract.

Just what is the purpose of D? Does he really intend to wipe the world of the Nobility? Or is he really searching for his father, who, rumours say is still alive. Whatever happened to his mother, the legendary Mina the Fair? will he ever find solace with his wanderings?

Hideyuki Kikuchi has always been keeping us in toes with his novels. So far, he has introduced a great many characters with each volumes, but he has been keeping us in the dark on what the future may bring for D.

Catch any of these novels to find out more about D’s legendary adventures:

Vampire Hunter D
Raiser of Gales
Demon Deathchase
Tale of the Dead Town
The Stuff of Dreams
Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane
Mysterious Journey to the North Sea
The Rose Princess
Pale Fallen Angel
Twin-Shadowed Knight
Dark Road
Tyrant’s Stars
Fortress of the Elder God
Highway of the Enchanted Troops
Account of the Demon Battle
Record of the Blood Battle
White Devil Mountain
Iriya the Berserker
Throng of Heretics
Immortal Island
The Hellish Horse Carriage
Nightmare Village

Fairytale: Daydreams of a would-be Wallflower Princess

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The world is abuzz with the upcoming royal wedding between Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana‘s eldest son Prince William. Celebrities are atwitter on what to wear, every who’s who is constantly watching their mailbox for the embossed royal invitation, the entrepreneurs are riding with the hullabaloo by churning out souvenir items to commemorate the special day, and the media is all geared up for the frenzy that will happen on the 29th of April.

Prince William and his future wife: Kate Middleton

Amidst all these brouhaha, I sit here in front of my mac reading all the news stuff with mixed emotion: wistful, joy and sadness.

Once upon a time, there was this young girl who dreamed of living in her own fairytale world. A world where she would find adventure, wonder, mystery and love. A world where she could dream big, where she could read all the books she want, wear all the pretty clothes even though she’s a clumsy dork, and finds a guy who is a prince, all handsome and kind. A prince who will see for just who she is and appreciate and love her.

It sounds cheesy, right? But to the girl, she could almost smell the flowers in the open fields, and she was just counting the days till her prince would sweep her up and take her away where they would live happily ever after. That young girl was me.

I first saw Prince William back in my second year high school. I have a close friend in my class whose mom was working in London. Every time her mom gets the chance to go home, she brought all these tabloid magazines to keep her occupied on her long flight home. And my friend would bring all these magazines with her and we would peruse these during our recess time. I saw Prince William’s picture on his way to his entrance exams to Eton College, a prestigious boarding school for the British aristocrats. He was wearing a coat and a tie, shyly smiling on the camera, reminding me very much of my former crush, Jonathan Brandis.

Prince William and his family: brother, Harry; father, Prince Charles; mother, Princess Diana

It instantly clicked on me that here was a real young Prince, with a real kingdom to rule one day, and he would need a princess to be by his side when his time finally comes. In between my high school crushes and heartaches, Prince William would dominate my daydreams. The daydreams seem more vivid to me when I started writing my short stories. My mother bought me a second-hand, old-fashioned blue typewriter which I loved so much, especially the sound it makes. I was happily clacking my way through my vivid imagination, creating scenarios where I am all grown up and I had the freedom to choose what life I would lead. In my mind, I was already a brilliant designer, working in a design firm in London. I would envisioned myself with long straight hair, clear skin devoid of adolescent acnes, and curves in the right places instead of the gamine look I was sporting in high school. I imagined myself meeting Prince William, who was all grown up and handsome. I would not recognize him after all these years. And he would keep his identity a secret as he pursues me ardently. I would not be able to resist his charms and his gentlemanly ways, and when he finally reveal himself to me, we would both be on our way to marriage bliss.

The future king

Silly old me, imagining that a handsome European blue blood like him will fall in love with an Asian girl like me. But I could not stop the thrill that I felt as I typed away my fantasies, and when the night gets too dark for the tapping noises I made, I would get my trusty old notebooks that I recycled from leftover blank pages and scribbled away until early morning. That was my routine especially during the summer, where I would spend my days reading my books, and my nights making up stories in my head. My mom would often scold me for having random sleeping habits during the summer, but I never cared.

I had my heart broken yet again in 1997 when my crush wanted to pursue another girl from my school. I stopped writing for a few months, trying to get my bearings as I struggled with my school work and my low self esteem. I turned to my books and my trusty recycled notebooks and browsed through the pages. I would feel calmer thinking of the future I’ve written for myself. Even if they were just stories, I could not help being optimistic about the future: that someday Prince William is waiting for me to crown me as his one and only Princess.

Maybe the fates were not in favor because I am too small for him.. 😛

I have trouble finishing my stories. I became attached with my fantasies and the characters I created that I would stop halfway in the story and start a new one. Always the same characters with different scenarios. Through the years, I realized the main reason why I always stopped halfway through a short story: I kept the hope that one day, when that dream finally comes, I would be able to continue the story by writing what happens next in real life, rather than re-imagining the next scene. I was so convinced that tomorrow would be much better and all the good things in life will come true.

Fast forward a few years. I was no longer the dark, small, tomboyish bookworm that I used to be. Battle scars from previous heartaches forced me to grow up and accept that reality and fantasy don’t mix. I did not get the long, shiny straight black hair that I dreamed of getting. I did not get the beautiful face that I imagined I would get someday, just by looking and staring at those beauty magazines that I would covertly buy. I also did not get the beautiful figure that I had hoped I would get. In summary, I did not grow into this awesome breath-taking beauty- the heroine of my childhood stories. Instead, I have to accept that I would never be as sophisticated as I would have liked. I have just become an older version of a younger me.

I have thought back then that the ticket to a beautiful life that I have envisioned is to become beautiful in the eyes of many. But that was not the case for me. It was a painful process to accept the fact that I would never become a great beauty. And in the course, I have also accepted that my childhood crush on Prince William will never become a reality, too. I have accepted that I needed to make the most of what I have and make a life for myself outside the crystal box that I carried around in my mind.

One afternoon in August, just after celebrating my 25th birthday, I was rummaging through those large cardboard boxes, making some last minute packing and storing my childhood books and novels, trinkets and fragile items. I encountered the same old notebooks that kept me occupied during those years. I read through them while shedding a few tears. Everything in life was so easy back then where you can’t help but be optimistic about the future. I took the packing tape and began sealing the boxes one by one. One day, when these boxes have a good layer of dust on them, maybe a little girl will come and break the seal open. She will find the old notebooks and read them. And maybe she will even pick up a pen and try to put a happy ending to those short stories as befits them.

In case you are wondering, there is one good thing about this sappy crap you are reading. I did get to leave for a foreign country. It’s not London. But it’s almost the same as living in London. I did get to meet my Prince Charming. But as you all know, its not Prince William. My husband may not be ruling a kingdom, but he treats me like a cherished Princess.

Congratulations are in order for the future newlyweds. Thank you Prince William, for all those early morning writing habits. For keeping my hopes up , for helping me dream, and for looking gorgeous in those photos. If you ever change your mind about Kate, you can personally contact me. Just kidding! ^^

Introducing: Amano

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A lot of you guys maybe familiar with some of his works, most especially if you are a gamer and once in a while you’ve tried playing one of his most lucrative works in the gaming business: Final Fantasy series.

A powerful witch from the book Amano (works by Yoshitaka Amano)

The artist popularly known as Yoshitaka Amano has been a favorite of Square Enix for his arresting and dreamy illustrations of the world of Final Fantasy. Square Enix is the renowned Japanese video game and publishing company best known for their console role-playing franchise (RPG) which also includes Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest.

A fantastic blue-themed scene, one of my favorite Yoshitaka Amano works

His influence include Western comic books, art nouveau, Japanese wood block prints, and judging from his creative works, even Asian mythology. His collaboration with Neil Gaiman, a popular graphic author of The Sandman won awards for their work, Sandman: The Dream Hunters.

Amano’s works has been described as a man who woke up and began to illustrate his dreams: the vivid and surreal colors, the fantastic costumes and the amazing worlds he had come to visualized.

The images i have provided are some of my favorites from my personal collection.

Yoshitaka Amano’s works include:
– Gatchaman (aka. G-force)
– Vampire Hunter D
– Twilight of the Cockroaches
– Angel’s Egg
– Final Fantasy
– Guin Saga
– The Tale of Genji
– The Magic Flute
– Dream Weaver
– Elektra and Wolverine
– Sandman: The Dream Hunters

From the book Amano (works by Yoshitaka Amano)

The tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki (artwork interpretation by Yoshitaka Amano)